Warm, Powerful, Deep, Awakening, Present


A soul cleansing flow that marries the movements of your body with breath. These classes build strength, flexibility, and concentration. You’ll cleanse the body and calm the mind. Each class is unique and will vary from teacher to teacher. You can expect a cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work (pranayama), and yogic philosophy.

*Vinyasa - Warm is set to 32C

*Vinyasa is set to 25.5C



Explorative, Grounding, Balancing


Our Yin/Yang classes incorporate the rhythmic and heating qualities of Yang practice with the cooling and reflective qualities of Yin practice. Expect to move from a dynamic Vinyasa to a yielding Yin - the perfect balance (currently offered in Torquay only).



Yielding, Acceptance, Stillness


Welcome in Yin to balance the Yang.  Our yin yoga works from a place of calm and surrender, inviting us to embrace our gentler nature and cultivate a sweet inner peace.  Postures are held for longer periods of time with the support of props to allow passive stressing of the connective tissues of the body.  This approach promotes an increase in flexibility both physically and mentally.


Roll & Release

Releasing, Balancing, Calming


Our Roll & Release class is a combination of vinyasa flow and myofascial release. There will be the use of tennis balls in part of the class to help strip and shear the fascial level beneath the skin. This aids with the calming of the nervous system and the function of muscles so that we can move with ease. This class will create a balance in your yoga practice, creating relief to trigger points in the body that build up tension day to day from repeated action. The flow will compliment the myofascial release and vice versa to leave you feeling released, open and strong all at the same time (currently offered in South Melbourne only).



Meditative, Stilling, Introspective


Our Meditation is the one of the best ways to practice yoga and cultivate a deeper understanding of who we are. In these classes you'll be guided through simple yet powerful techniques to support you in navigating the body, breath, mind and emotions. This is an opportunity to take time out in stillness with your fellow Yogis. 



Meditative, Peaceful, Stilling


Our Yoga Nidra is a form of meditative self-inquiry derived from the teachings of Yoga. The intention behind Yoga Nidra (and indeed all forms of yoga) is to cultivate a sense of who and what we are when we are free of psychological, cultural and philosophical conditioning. It is a means to resolve pain and suffering, and to experience deep healing and peace. 


Community Classes

Community, Fulfilling, Supportive


Our Community classes are donation based classes to raise money for the Kindling Foundation, a foundation close to our hearts. While attending and donating you will be guided through a Vinyasa Class lead by a recent graduate of our Yoke Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training Program. From their heart to yours.





Level 1: Foundational
Get back to basics and learn the foundational must-knows about the Vinyasa yoga practice. Level 1 classes are non-heated. 

Level 2: Open Levels
Open to all levels, we invite you to explore yourself and your practice by diving in a giving it a go.