Warm, Powerful, Deep, Awakening, Present


Our heated vinyasa is a soul cleansing sweaty flow that marries the movements of your body with the intimacy and intelligence of breath. Through this union we create an internal fire that ignites our awareness and powerfully strengthens and opens the physical and subtle bodies.




Explorative, Creative, Inspiring


Slow and steady in it’s intensity, our Non-heated Vinyasa is designed to strengthen, lengthen and open your body and mind.  We use intelligent sequencing to build awareness around an anatomical focus, or progression in to a peak posture to explore beyond the limits we set upon ourselves.  Expect to dive in to the body, mind and emotions as an opportunity to find deep fulfilment.




Yielding, Acceptance, Stillness


Welcome in Yin to balance the Yang.  Yin yoga works from a place of calm and surrender, inviting us to embrace our gentler nature and cultivate a sweet inner peace.  Postures are held for longer periods of time with the support of props to allow passive stressing of the connective tissues of the body.  This approach promotes an increase in flexibility both physically and mentally.





Level 1: Foundational
Get back to basics and learn the foundational must-knows about the Vinyasa yoga practice. Level 1 classes are non-heated. 

Level 2: Open Levels
Open to all levels, we invite you to explore yourself and your practice by diving in a giving it a go.

Level 3: Advanced
This class is an opportunity for seasoned yogis to step it up in their practice.  Explore advanced variations of shapes and their transitions to elevate your practice.