Spring Pathways of Qi

Have you noticed the beautiful flowers blossoming all over Melbourne lately? Have you been waking up a little earlier, feeling a little more energised? That's your body aligning with the universe and awakening into Spring! Spring energy is uplifting, creative and motivating. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, harnessing this energy will encourage you to execute fabulous ideas, give you the courage to step into a new direction or motivate you to create a strong body and mind in preparation for Summer.

Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that can target our seasonal channels, which you may have heard being referred to as Meridians. Our Meridians are inner pathways that carry our qi (life force) within us and are responsible for maintaining body, mind and spirit harmonisation.

To stimulate our Spring energy, we need to open our Liver and Gallbladder meridians. Just like everything that exists in the universe, these organs are a yin and yang pair. Therefore they support and influence each other greatly.

Here is a quick yin sequence that you can do at home that targets these organ channels. Focus on your breath for the first minute then soften and hold the poses for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Liver/Gallbladder Energy Moving Poses

Supta Buta Konasana - Opens the Liver channel through inner thighs and up into the chest

Half Pigeon - Targets the Gallbladder channels that flows through the hips

Wide Legged Forward Fold - Opens the Liver

Supported bridge - Opens the entire Liver channel all the way to the chest. It also stretches and opens your actual liver organ, creating lots of space."

Want to learn more? Join Patch for “Pathways of Qi” on 20th October in Torquay. You will locate and stimulate some of the most powerful acupressure points of these seasonal channels, before integrating them into a grounding yin/yang practice. Click here to book your place

Chris Wilson