Benefits of a Soul Sweat Sesh!

At Yoke we love a good soul sweaty yoga class! And we often find ourselves answering the question of 'why practice heated vinyasa' to students. In the past 5 years heated yoga classes (especially in Melbourne) are seen to be the most popular on almost every schedule. It seems that many are catching onto the benefits of a warm vinyasa practice, where class temperatures can range from approximately 30-35 degrees. For many, the intention of yoga may be a combination of movement, awareness, clarity, mobility and strength. We believe that practicing in the heat can add another dimension to this, opening opportunity for more depth, more energy, more release. 

In our studios, we use infrared heating panels which release a healthy smooth heat, similar to how you feel when the sun outside hits your skin. Originally, heat was introduced in the west to mimic the temperature of practicing yoga in India, where it is warm and humid. They identified many benefits to practicing in this type of climate, and we have listed our favourite ones!

1. Increases pulse rate and metabolism and increases blood flow through our vessels. This allows our circulatory system to flow with ease and opens larger pathways for blood to flow to our muscles. You may notice that because of this, your muscles will be energised and warm, allowing you to move more freely and openly from posture to posture. 

2. Elimination of toxins. As the heat hits our skin and we begin to flow, increased blood flow and heat to muscles opens sweat glands. This detoxifies our pores and encourages release of any stagnation in the physical body and our energetic pathways. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 3.45.18 PM.png

3. Fat Burning. The heat and dynamic movement increases body temperature and raises our metabolism. This encourages the breakdown of fatty tissue, retained water (to assist with bloating) and stimulation of waste movement. 

4. Heat can be challenging and can take you out of your comfort zone. Learning to soften into uncomfortable situations is one of the core principles of yoga - this is called tapas. Lets face it, life throws many uncomfortable situations at us! By practicing this way on the mat, we learn to meet life's challenges with a sense ease. 

Chris Wilson