Musa and the Africa Yoga Project

The Africa Yoga Project educates, empowers, elevates and expands employability with youth in Africa using the transformational practice of yoga. Their vision is to create opportunities for young Africans to step into their greatness and become self-sustaining leaders in their communities. Many of you may know Musa, a wonderful member of our South Melbourne studio and community. Musa works closely with AYP to help raise awareness which assists in bringing yoga to schools, orphanages, prisons, community rooms and small villages in Africa.  

Musa grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, where life was tough and education was limited. Musa worked as an African gymnast and acrobat before trying his first yoga class at a circus and dancing school. He remembers that it was a "very hard Ashtanga class where his muscles ached for days and days"!  After this, Musa met Paige, the co-founder of Africa Yogi Project. She encouraged him to complete his yoga training which inspired him to want to educate and assist other troubled youths in his village through the practice of yoga. 

"After my training, Paige sent us to our own community to teach what I had learnt to fellow youths in my neighbourhood. It was so great. I started to realise my purpose of living. Hearing these young people talk positively about my classes made me feel fulfilled with such happy feelings," says Musa. 

AYP touched Musa with their vision and he continues his work with them here in Australia. So far, they have trained over 200 teachers who are now working and earning a wage, and have introduced yoga to over 6000 people across Africa.   

If you would like to contribute to the African Yoga Project whether it be by donation or as a volunteer, visit their website www.

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Chris Wilson