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Community Event - Mother's Day Yoga by Candlelight with Tina Tainui and Tina Bruce in Sth Melbs

Date: Saturday, May 11th, 2019

Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Studio: South Melbourne

Investment: Complimentary

Teachers: Tina Tainui and Tina Bruce

The two Tinas are delivering twice the love for this very special Mother's Day Yoga with infused Qi Gong Candlelit experience. 

Whether you are a mother, or have a mother, or need to mother yourself, this class will ignite her intuitive power within you. 

To support the book launch of Tina Bruce's new inspiring memoir, 'Mother's Medicine', we are celebrating motherhood by guiding you through two hours of storytelling, some slow flow Qi Gong and meditation. 

Mother's Medicine tells the story of Tina's journey through birth trauma, chronic pain and opiate addiction. Yoga was the means by which her healing and return to self acceptance could take place. It feels entirely appropriate that we celebrate this practice in the very studio that she discovered it and learned how to trust her mother's intuition. 

Both men and women are welcome and are encouraged to bring their owns mamas!