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A Sound Healing Journey by Christian Dimarco in Torquay

DATE: Sunday 27th October

TIME: 7.30pm-9pm



We welcome the extraordinary sounds of Christian Dimarco back into our space with his Shamanic Drone Sound Healing using Didjeridu, Native American flutes, Shamanic drumming and voice.

During the journey you will experience the power of sound and vibration from the deep resonance of the Didjeridu, as it passes over your physical body to bring you into a place of presence and alignment. The earthly beats of Shamanic drumming can invoke deeper states of healing, as a means to allow spiritual shifts, heightened perception and emotional release. And the songs created from world flutes also offers a sense of relaxation and stillness in the mind. The soundscape is created live and each journey is uniquely different.

All things are vibration. In the realm of sound therapy it has long been recognised in many cultures that sound can alter consciousness to achieve deeper states of meditation, retune the chakras, entrain particular brainwave activity, change behavioural patterns, boost the immune system, improve sleep, reduce stress and release tension. As said by philosopher Edgar Cayce, "Sound is the medicine of the future". Using the power of sound frequencies and meditation we will bridge the realms of the subconscious and Higher Self. The sound journey leaves you feeling deeply relaxed and full of insight.

About Christian Dimarco: An Australian leading Sound Healer and music producer, Christian Dimarco weaves a unique sound experience using a myriad of musical instruments layered with his worldly vocals to create a deep healing experience for each individual. He has facilitated hundreds of sound journeys, produced meditation music and collaborated with local and international artists.


  • The community! Come and immerse yourself.


  • A feeling of deep relaxation

  • Insights to process

Limited space available we recommend booking in.

We recommend attending the 6pm Yin Class prior, book in separately if you can make the space for a full night of nurturing.