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How To Meditate with Chris Wilson in Torquay

How To Meditate with Chris Wilson

Date: Saturday 23rd February
Studio: Torquay
Time: 1:00 - 3:30pm
Investment: $49 (10% discount for Members)

Meditation is wonderful means for easing stress, healing trauma and awakening to our essential nature. In this workshop with our Yoke Yoga founder, Chris Wilson, we will dive into what meditation is and give you simple yet powerful techniques to enrich your personal practice (p.s. you don’t need to be levitating in a lotus position to get benefits from this workshop!).

Join Chris for an afternoon of deep-learning, mindfulness and of course, meditation!

Who is this course for?
+ Those that are new to meditation and want more information on what meditation is all about
+ Those wanting to deepen their existing meditation practice
+ Those that have been following guided meditations but are looking to establish a personal practice without any guidance

You’ll walk away with:
+ An understanding of the benefits of meditation
+ The background and simple techniques to begin your own daily meditation practice
+ A guided meditation from Chris to practice with at home

Yoke Yoga is unable to provide any refunds for workshops within 7 days prior to the workshop.