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Heart Forward with Tina Tainui, Sth Melb

1 -4 pm
$49 (Members receive 10% discount)

'I will only ever love you with my arms behind my back, because I'm gonna love you heart forward - that's all I know' - Nahko

Join Tina Tainui for a workshop that explores the energetic and physical aspects of heart opening.

Weaving together the traditional practice of mantra and asana with modern music, sequencing and alignment Tina will take you on a journey into the heart to a place of possibility and connection.

“Tina is one of the most inspiring teachers I know. She draws from her vast life experience, encouraging us to connect our practice deeply to our emotions and carry what we learn off our mats and into the world. Her authenticity is what makes her classes transformative, passionate, musical and fun! Go and you’ll want to go again!"- Michael Franti, Musician, Filmmaker, Humanitarian and life-long Yogi