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Finding Stillness - One Day Retreat with Chris Wilson

‘Finding Stillness’
Tanglewood Estate, Mornington Peninsula
Sunday April 29, 2018

Join Chris Wilson for a day retreat that will leave you feeling completely restored, reconnected and ready to step back into life with renewed energy and enthusiasm. 

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The hectic pace of modern living can leave us feeling depleted, thinly spread and scattered. During this full day of nourishment, you will replenish your energetic stores and tap into a sense of wholeness and possibility through deep meditation, breath, asana, delicious wholefoods, inspiring conversation and time in nature. 

Our practices for the day include:

  • Slow deep asana - to decompress the body and move into a state of ease. 
  • Breath practices - to promote an energised relaxation. 
  • Meditation - to move through life with renewed purpose and clarity.

“Meditation is not a chore, it’s a gift to be experienced in each moment. By simply sensing into the quality of sensation in your body, you're tuning into the life force that animates you.” - Chris Wilson

  This retreat will be held at the stunningly beautiful rural bush property Tanglewood Estate,  just an hour and a bit from Melbourne. 

Retreat Day schedule includes:

-       Fresh, local, organic breakfast spread on arrival
-       Morning asana practice with Chris
-       Beautiful, locally sourced, seasonal spread for lunch
-       Meditation class, including discussion, with a simple instruction booklet to take home
-       Pranayama practice and guided meditation

What you’ll receive:

-       Techniques to use to help you readily find stillness, in the midst of chaos
-       Take home booklet that outlines the teachings in an easy and accessible manner
-       A chance to experience deep Stillness
-       A feeling of decompression, nourishment, renewal & an accompanying sense of lightness
-       The ability to respond to life’s challenges with ease
-       An opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and others, who are on the path with you

“Meditation becomes a joy with Chris’ uncomplicated approach. Expect to walk away with a meditation practice that you love.” – Kate Henry

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