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Warmth and Depth: Seasonal Balancing Workshop with Jo Buick

1:30 - 4pm
$49 (10% off for members)

Join Jo Buick for 'Warmth & Depth' - a workshop designed to harness the potential of autumn and invigorate your energy for the new season. 

According to Ayurveda, seasonal change impacts our bodies, minds, and souls. We are connected to the natural world around us, and regardless of air conditioners in summer or heaters in winter, when the seasons change, we do too. Autumn is a classic 'vata season'. Our environment becomes dry, cool and windy. These conditions impact our bodies and minds - it is common to feel a sensation of emptiness or uncertainty, as well as dry skin, interrupted sleep and 'scatty' thought patterns.

In this 2.5 hour masterclass, learn how to soothe and stabilise vata via yoga and lifestyle practices. Embrace the raw beauty of autumn by working with Five Element Theory and the Principle of Opposites, as we build practices to nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Come dressed for practice with a notepad and pen.