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Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Kaivalya - Torquay

Come and celebrate with your loved ones this beautiful sacred heart opening journey with our darling yogi Kai :)

Sacred Cacao Ceremony ૐSaturday, February 10th 7pm at Yoke, Torquay

Experience the healing vibrations of organic raw cacao in a meditative ceremony guided by Kaivalya. Included is a palo santo smudge to clear foreign or negative
energy, chakra cleansing meditation for grounding, a brief history of cacao and its' healing benefits, honoring the four directions, observation & contemplation of the
subtle sensations in the body, as well as setting of positive intentions as a part of the ritual.

Warm your heart & belly with the sweetness of magical, meaningful medicine from South America. Let go of all which no longer serves you, and allow this ritual to mark & symbolize positive change in your life. Feel free to bring your journal, stones, crystals, & other special items if you wish.

$5 Donation for entrance and bookings advisable to ensure you don't miss out :) Please email or pop on our website to book soon :)