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Sacred Geometry with Deb Langley

Sacred Geometry and Asana - we go deep!
Sunday July 2
12 noon till 3pm
Cost $65
Members receive 10% off

More Deb I heard you say? You got it! 

We had an overwhelming response to Deb's Sacred Geometry and Asana workshop in April and so we're thrilled to be bringing Deb back for a deeper dive into this powerful work. Hone your ability to move prana through the body for deep healing. 

This time, we've got Deb for 3 hours and we're sending you home with information sheets so that you can have more time to embody the learnings and get your sweat on! 


Deb describes her current offerings as a vibrational experience, incorporating energetic and physical anatomy. Deborah’s yoga experiences are popular with those seeking to transcend the mundane mind and enjoy a powerful experience of energy in motion.

Deb takes inspiration from a myriad of teachers; Yogic studies with asana teachers such as Dana Flynn (Laughing Lotus), Baron Baptiste (Baptiste Yoga), Tiffany Cruickshank, Noah Maze, & Katonah Yoga. Subtle Body studies with Judy Satori, Brandon Bays & Reference Point Therapy of Metaphysical Anatomy.

Currently, Deb leads yoga classes and specialised Teacher Trainings as a Senior Teacher at Laughing Lotus Centers in New York. Working in collaboration with Laughing Lotus founder and world-renown Global teacher Dana Flynn, Deborah travels to present trainings & yoga offerings in Australia, India, Bali, and USA.