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From Dark to Light - Winter Solstice with Amy C

Saturday June 17, South Melbourne
6:30pm - 9pm
Cost: $49 10% off for members

In Winter, the days are short but the nights are long. Lots of good things happen in the dark; seeds lay nestled in the warmth of the soil, building their prana in readiness to shoot, humans use the night to snuggle in close to those they love and to sleep and restore, and in the season of winter yogis turn inwards to tend to their inner landscape and to reflect on how they can best use their energy in the service of the world.

In the days before the Winter Solstice, join Amy Coghlan for an evening slow but warming Asana, Reflection, Meditation and Yoga Nidra that honours the darkness and readies us for the transition from dark to light.

We’ll use our yogic practices to go deep within to see what needs nourishing and what lays dormant waiting to sprout.


- Journal and a pen
- Any blanket or wrap and a pillow so you can be comfortable during the discussion and yoga nidra
- Crystals or mala beads or small ornaments you wish to place beside your mat
-Warm comfortable clothing (choose colours that help keep the fire alive during the cold days like reds, yellows or pinks, or colours that you love and make you feel beautiful and confident)


Since the age of 4, I have been learning to move and coordinate my body through space with discipline, awareness and excitement. I spent 11 hard years training my body diligently, admittedly painfully, on how to move with grace and ease of that as a Ballerina. At 18 I found Yoga and have never looked back. Not surprisingly, over the years I still found myself perverted to forms of exercise that were competitive and albeit injury inducing, but have always found solace in my Yoga. I have a keenness to now move my body intelligently, safely but still gracefully. For my students, there is never just one way, I encourage them to learn the architecture of their own body and explore from there. This creates ease, less tension, joy and wonder in their movement, then from there, we take that same wonder and excitement off the mat and into their life.