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Bubble of Love - A Special Mothers Day Event

DATE and TIME: Saturday May 13, 6 - 7:30pm
WHERE: South Melbourne and Torquay

'Bubble of Love' Celebrating the special bonds that connect us

On the eve of Mother’s Day, join Patchula Thompson and Annabel Reiter (Torquay) and Kate Henry and Kristiarne Wilson (Sth Melb) in celebration of the special bonds that connect us to those we love and especially the bond between Mum and Child.

This one is for all ages - so bring your Mum or special person who loves you like a Mum (even if they've never been to yoga before and can't touch their toes!), or bring your kids (little kids, aged 4 and up, and big kids too), and bring those who support you in the role of 'Mum' (lovers, sisters, brothers, friends, nannies all welcome!).

This will be an evening of fun and laughter and a chance to be together in a bubble of love.