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Press Playground with Jeff Moscato

Press your way into possibility! Join Senior Yoke Yoga teacher Jeff Moscato for some upside down fun. 
For three consecutive Saturday afternoons, starting mid March, join Jeff in the Press Playground.  Jeff is sharing his love for inversion practice as well as all his technical know-how in a progressive workshop series designed to elevate your inversion practice. Build the inner body strength and confidence you need to flip upside down and work your way, step by step, towards Press Handstand. Don't worry if you're no where near Press yet - Jeff will break down the alignment and get you working key poses that will build your capacity and strength and will be there supporting you the whole way... We believe you can fly!


Originally from Canada, Jeff landed on our shores 12 months ago and Yoke was lucky enough to have him step through the doors of the 4 Union Street, South Melbourne. Since then, Jeff has taught and built a following through creating workshop style yoga classes that really pack a punch! He is an inversion lover at heart and is dedicated to encouraging others to believe that they can fly!
“For years my approach to handstand was kicking up into a wall, an approach that yielded no results and lots of frustration. The ego dominated that practice and it felt like the furthest thing from yoga. Once I came to this realization, I put together a plan, set some goals and started measuring results. This approach to this aspect of my practice focused my mind on realistic goals, took the ego out of the equation and brought an element of fun into my inversion practice for the first time. This workshop, whether you have a rock solid handstand or can't even fathom balancing on your hands, is an opportunity to remove the ego and most importantly play!” 

Dates: 18th and 25th of March, 1st of April
Cost: Workshop Series $135
Individual Workshops $49 10% off for members

Week one: Hone Your Handstand
Join us for a meet and greet with your core and shoulders. This week we'll align, find your line and work on handstand basics.

Week two: Power Up
There's an opportunity to press every time your hands touch the mat. Working through familiar shapes and transitions, Week two will get you ready for the press by powering up the familiar in your practice.

Week Three: Press Play
The Press Playground is open for business!! Using knowledge from Week 1 and Week 2, this week will be an opportunity to play with the press. We'll warm up the body and explore different entries into a press handstand!

Later Event: March 18
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