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Surfcoast Shamanic Drone Sound Healing


When: 16th of December
Where: Yoke Yoga Studio- Torquay
Cost : $30 plus booking fee ( available until Saturday 16th @3pm) 
At the door if available: $40

Tickets available here

This event is brought to the surf coast by UNDER THE MOON COLLECTIVE (UMC), an event for the community to support community, with part of the profits going towards gifting Xmas presents to vulnerable children in the area.


Christian Dimarco is a sound healer and music producer, with an affinity to wind instruments, the Didjeridu and throat singing. Exploring sound through various instruments he merges knowledge of ancient and contemporary science into using sound as a tool of healing intentions. He has facilitated hundreds of sound journeys, produced sound meditation music, and collaborated with local and international artists.

Jay, Sophia and Anai are creators of UNDER THE MOON COLLECTIVE (UMC), they will be sharing their vision about community support and journey towards promoting social equality. In addition, they will be gifting their healing hands during the sound journey by lightly touching, making you relaxed and comfortable to experience the vibrations of the sound.

Event description:

Welcome to Shamanic Drone, a sound journey harnessing the vibrations of the ancient Didjeridu, native flutes, vocal overtones, and singing bowls.

During the journey lay down; immerse yourself in these organic sounds and vibrations. Feel the resonance of the Didjeridu, deep within your Heart Space, as it passes over your physical body. And still the mind’s voice with the soothing winds of native flutes.

What to bring:

Blanket, wear comfy clothes, an open heart and a smile :-)

Later Event: December 30
Souls on Fire - Torquay