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Anandra George - Fall in Love with Sound, Sth Melb

Friday October 14, 7:30pm - 9pm
Yoke South Melbourne
Nāda Yoga: Fall in Love with Sound

$35 10% off for members

Kīrtan with Anandra is a heavenly experience of call and response mantra chanting set to Indian classical rāgas. We begin the saturation in sacred sound with call-and-response rāga singing on the Sanskṛt vowel of ānanda śakti (bliss), Ā... then sing mantras in simple melodies, gradually building to ecstatic intensity. When the mood has reached its fullness, we dissolve the sound back into the stillness of the void. Join us... Discover the worlds within worlds of each musical mood, within each mantric syllable, and release the nectar of your own uniquely sweet devotional voice.

Earlier Event: October 9
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