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Yin and Yang: The Tiger and the Dragon with Jennifer Crescenzo

  • Yoke Yoga 4 Union Street South Melbourne, VIC, 3205 Australia (map)

Date: Saturday June 4 May 15

Time: 1pm - 3.30pm

Venue: Yoke Yoga, 4 Union St, South Melbourne

Cost: $55 (10% off for members)



This Yin Yang workshop merges the rhythmic and heating qualities of Yang practice with the still and cooling qualities of Yin practice.

In the yang sequences, you will experience dynamic, sweeping, circular movements that draw from both yoga and martial arts. Like the yang Tiger you will twist, turn, crouch, lunge, and spring! With the alertness of a cat, you will explore ways to connect every part of your body through fluid movement.

In the yin postures you will experience the deep release that comes through surrender - letting time, the weight of your body, and the force of gravity take you. Like the yin Dragon, you will curve, spiral, extend, and stretch. The Dragon represents water energy and these long-held Yin postures will stimulate your fluid body and connect you to the wave-like flow of breath and Qi.

This workshop will include a brief introduction to the meaning of Yin and Yang, a full Yin Yang practice, and a short meditation to finish.