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Dancing with the Deities - Sth Melb

South Melbourne 24th Oct- 1st Dec
Members $89
Non Members $299

The Gods and Goddesses of the Yoga tradition spark the imagination and take us on wild adventures into the psyche. In this 40 day integrative study, we’ll not only challenge ourselves to commit to a six-day-a-week asana practice, we’ll also experiment with some of the less familiar practices of yoga and steep ourselves in the sacred stories of Hindu mythology, in order to find a fresh way into the teachings of yoga. Through storytelling and daily practices, including mantra meditation and intellectual enquiry, we’ll get deep into the energy of each of our selected deities. As a group we’ll share our experiences and discuss the archetypes represented by the Devis and Devas in the study and investigate their unique gifts, inspiring qualities and shadow sides in order to gain insight into how we can more gracefully navigate our human experience. We’ll also learn to recognise the Gods and Goddesses in ourselves and in each other to transform the way we relate to the world and those around us, as we remember our divine nature.