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Thaedra Frangos

I am so grateful to the friend who loaned me a yoga book which led me to my first class 20 years ago. As I moved in the postures and dropped into savasana I felt connected to my true self again – a place that was calm, equalised and whole. The healing journey had began and yoga became a lifelong resource. After years of classes and self practice while working as a lawyer I completed my 500 hr Advanced Diploma of teacher training with the Australian Yoga Academy in 2010 followed by a ongoing training with Matthew Sweeney and Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga with Yoga Synergy. Recently, I qualified as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist. 

Yoga practices support connection with the self and provide a resource for self healing. My classes are earthy, intuitive and flowing with a focus on the felt sense experience of the body in the present moment. I am passionate about guiding students to reconnect with themselves at their core, experiencing the wisdom of their body in the moment and inviting deeper awareness, love of their body and greater trust in intuition. I aim to support each student to cultivate their own practice and to connect with innate strength, flexibility and balance in the mind and body. 

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about yoga?
Yoga is the great equalizer and such a gift. I am continually in awe of the depth of awareness and healing that takes place through feeling, listening and moving the body in the moment. Yoga is challenging and nourishing, it’s a lifelong resource.  

Torquay Cafe:
I love the third wave kiosk for coffee with a view. Pond is my favourite for breakfast. 

Movie and/or Book:
I love the Intouchables – it is visceral, comical and really enjoyable. Touching Enlightenment by Reggie Ray is a constant on my bedside table. 

Ice-Cream Flavour: 
I prefer eating chocolate

Who can choose? I’m very fond of cows, I love their soulful eyes and gentle nature. 

Yoga, swimming in the ocean, walks in nature, live music, dancing, cooking. 

Hidden Talent:
I have a talent for cooking a delicious meal made with love when there’s barely any ingredients to work with