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Sophia Lamb

Sophia grew up on a farm in a tiny English village where life revolved around horse riding and playing in nature. After finishing university and living in the big smoke London for a year she packed up and set out on an open adventure. Finding herself in Kerala, India 2011 where she experienced her first yoga class in a treehouse with a yogi guru called Balu. Turning a 3 day stay into 4 weeks she explored yoga, going from not touching her toes to realising yoga is not about touching your toes. Soon after she moved to Australia where yoga became an hour increasingly prominent shoulder to lean on and reminder of truth and trust. In 2015 she returned to where it begun in India to complete her 200YTTC in South Goa, India.

Sophia teaches and is inspired to teach because she wants to give. She wants to share everything she has gained and serve from the heart to as many people as possible. In her classes Sophia encourages her students to explore freedom in their own bodies finding something new every time they step onto (and off) the mat in a nurturing and playful way!

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns me on about yoga?
Yoga makes me feel totally awake and real hiding nothing but the truth. It takes me on a different journey every time I step on my mat encouraging me to not get attached on a destination but enjoy the wild journey on the way!

Favourite Torquay cafe: 
Swell cafe! It's special in so many ways!

Favourite book/film: 
I am a huge book worm so hard to choose but the Alchemist it's message always resonates and inspires with me!

Favourite animal: 

Cooking, reading, writing poems (anything creative) hiking, horse riding, nature, ocean fun, adventures, travel,

Hidden talent: 
Making a gift (especially cards) out of literally anything! (So let me know when it's your birthday)