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Sammy Lee - Programs & Torquay Studio Manager & Teacher

My favourite thing about yoga is connection, connection to breath, body, mind and COMMUNITY. Yoke has such a community spirit and it is a wonderful place to teach and practice yoga. My classes tend to be Heart Centric, as I believe connection to the heart space evokes the biggest transformative change on and off the mat, as it has done for me. I create space for students to accept their uniqueness, everybodyis different and every body is different and that is what us special, all we have to do is show up and embrace what happens.



What turns you on about yoga?

CONNECTION to community, heart, breath, mind, body, strength, balance, effort, ease, yin, yang… The list goes on and on and on…

South Melb Café:

Anywhere that serves smashed avo. In England I didn’t grow up eating avocado so I am making up for it now!

Movie and/or Book:

Book - Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, a woman that speaks to my heart and articulates what I haven’t yet made sense of in my own head.

Movie - Billy Elliott, a lad that follows his heart through all of the ups and downs.

Ice-Cream Flavour:

I am a savoury lass :)


Dogs. My partner reckons I was a dog in a former life, as I am happy, content and always excitable! Plus I adore them and hope to get my own soon.


Sleeping in our converted van near the beach, falling asleep as the sun sets to beautiful stars and waking up to sunrise.

Hidden Talent:

Not sure, can I say my big heart?!