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Finding Stillness - One Day Retreat with Chris Wilson

‘Finding Stillness’
Tanglewood Estate, Mornington Peninsula
Sunday April 29, 2018

Join Chris Wilson for a day retreat that will leave you feeling completely restored, reconnected and ready to step back into life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  The Intention for the day is to deeply calm your nervous system, to learn to work with difficult thoughts & emotions, and to offer a practice for awakening to your essential nature. We'll be exploring slow asana, meditation and breath, along with conscious conversations, delicious whole foods and time in nature. 

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Retreat Day schedule includes:

  •  Fresh, local, organic breakfast spread on arrival
  • Juicy morning asana practice 
  • Locally sourced, seasonal spread for lunch
  • Meditation and pranayama class, including discussion, with a simple instruction booklet to take home
  • Guided yoga nidra

What you’ll receive:

  • Techniques to help you find stillness in the midst of chaos
  • Take home booklet that outlines the teachings in an easy and accessible manner
  • A feeling of decompression and nourishment and renewal and an accompanying sense of lightness
  • An opportunity to connect deeply with yourself and others, who are on the path with you

 “Meditation is not a chore, it’s a gift to be experienced in each moment. By simply sensing into the quality of sensation in your body, you're tuning into the life force that animates you.” - Chris Wilson

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