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Melissa Hudson

Melissa believes movement is medicine and yoga is a pathway to slow down, plug in and balance our nervous system.  With a multi-sport background, she has a passion for bringing yoga and mindfulness to athletes and busy type-A personalities.  

She loves that yoga brings out our best - our resilience, our strength and our grace in the face of challenge. For her, the magic of yoga is absolutely getting out of our head and into our hearts and basking in the vastness of that space.
Over recent years she has immersed herself in ongoing studies of both yoga and meditation.  Her teachers and trainings include Power Living, Jennifer Crescenszo, Jo Phee, Laughing Lotus as well as The Melbourne Meditation Centre and Elena Brower.

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about yoga?
Yoga for me is like pushing a big reset button on my day. After a practice I feel clear, energised and alive. I also love being part of a community of people who care about each other and the impact we all have on the world we live in.

South Melb Café:
I'll take a green juice and a double espresso from Giddy Up thanks!

Movie and/or Book: I'm constantly downloading books and always have at least 5 on the go - favourites are anything by Brene Brown or Thich Nhat Hahn.

Ice-Cream Flavour:
I'm a stereotypical yogi and don't eat ice cream. Pass me the overpriced, coconut, vegan version thanks!

I've got a thing for lions.

I've got two young kids so hobbies are on the back foot but I love most to be outdoors, swimming in the ocean and reading a good book.

Hidden Talent:
It’s still hiding!  I’ll let you know when I find it!