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Mariano González

Mariano has born in a small city in Uruguay and his adventurous spirit has moved him from place to place around the world until he arrived to Melbourne in 2012; one year later he discovered the yoga practice in which he becomes deeply interested straight away.

Mariano is passionate about movement, along with yoga he has an extensive background in martial arts, capoeira and dance.

Mariano’s classes reflects his understanding of the language of body & movement.

His classes are supportive and engaging, with a strong level of guidance into proper alignment. This enables all levels to access poses in a safe way. 

He’s playful and passionate approach also reaches out to all levels, whether is a beginner or more advance practitioner.

What turns you on about Yoga?

The vibrancy and intimacy that creates within me and around me :)

Favourite cafe?

There’s so many around the studio, sometimes I try different ones at the market and sometimes the next door one which has a nice paleo bread.  

Movie and/of book:

Avatar, homo deus, Siddharta.

Ice cream flavour:

I like the combination of chocolate or caramel with either lemon or strawberry, mango, etc etc 


The more I see documentaries about animals the more amazed I am with all of them :)


Play hang drum, dance salsa, Slackline, kitesurfing.

Hidden talent:

Cooking,  Balinese/Thai massage practitioner.