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Lexi Keeton

Lexi loves yoga. She's pretty convinced that it's the answer to all of life's ailments....or at least how we react to them! Lexi was first drawn to yoga in her early 20s, in her hometown of New York City.  She was looking for a way to de-stress, inquire about spirituality, and nurture her body. All these years later she's still committed to yoga's benefits and has trained in a variety of styles which contribute to her unique offering as a teacher. 


Lexi is a seeker. She's known to delve into topics of interest like gardening, philosophy, linguistics, essential oils, religion, swing & vintage dance, tarot, meditation, communication, mantra, mythology, astrology, health foods, art and psychology...for fun. This thirst for knowledge translates to her teaching style as she encourages inquiry, freedom and attention to breath as aids to discover the truth within.


During her 200hr YTT with Chris Wilson and Kate Henry at Yoke Yoga in 2017, Lexi really stepped into herself as a yogi and as a teacher. There she found a community of yogis in which to share her journey, which is a pretty special thing. She is stoked to now be on the teaching team and is ever grateful for the role in her spiritual journey that Yoke has played.