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Kate Henry

Kate grew up in a tiny country town near Phillip Island in Victoria where life revolved around dancing class, the beach and school... with long stretches of time in between spent exploring on her own and reading books in her cubby house.  She moved to big city Melbourne to complete her schooling and then worked for nearly 8 years in live TV.

She had always felt called to yoga but it wasn’t until she quit her fun but hectic TV Producer life and moved to Yoga-lovin’ Vancouver with her husband Bobby in 2012 that she really dove in. 

Kate completed her 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate with her most beloved teacher Suzanne Slocum-Gori at One Yoga For The People in Vancouver, with a faculty that also included the ever-so-inspiring Ryan Leier and take-you-to-your-edge Noah Maze and a curriculum that drew from Suzanne’s vast experience and knowledge of Iyengar and Anusara yoga. 

Suzanne is deeply devoted to Kashmir Shaivinism and during her training Kate explored the tantric teachings with her. Kate found asana recalled the forgotten joy of dance and awoke a passion for movement in her but it was the beauty and the truth of the ancient teachings revealed to her by her teachers that really captured her. As is so often the case, what began as simply an exploration of form soon became a much deeper journey of self-discovery.

Kate met Chris Wilson at Power Living and found that his classes stirred her soul – tears, laughter and bubbling feelings of pure joy were often accompanied by moments of real clarity. She is delighted to be continuing her yoga journey with such a wonderful teacher.

In Kate’s childhood imaginings she pictured herself working in a healing environment when she grew up. She feels blessed now to have the opportunity at Yoke to help create a space for people to nurture themselves. 
In her role as T&D and Programs manager Kate is devoted to supporting the growth and development of all the Yoke teachers, whom she admires deeply.  Providing an exciting schedule of workshops and events for our wonderful community is also part of her charge.
She is honoured to share her passion for yoga with the people who arrive on their mats in her class and grateful to every person who has breathed and moved with her. 

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about yoga?
Yoga makes me feel alive. On my mat I have the space to explore my inner world and get in touch with what’s real. 

South Melb Café:
There are many great ones obviously but my favourite thing is to go to the market and get just a small amount of chilli mussels from the deli and sit in the food court and eat them watching the world go by.

Movie and/or Book:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Winnie the Pooh ‘The House at Pooh Corner’  by AA Milne
Matilda by Roald Dahl
Kaleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks

Ice-Cream Flavour:
Hokey Pokey from Jock’s Icecream
Boysenberry from Gelato Messina
Cookies ‘n Cream from Ben and Jerrys


Learning to play the harmonium

Hidden Talent:
I can create a meal out of a seemingly bare fridge and pantry. I’m also pretty good at spelling!