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Kasia Wilson

I believe life has a way of pulling you back exactly where you should be.

My Yoga journey started many years before arriving in Australia.  Back in 2003, I embarked on a trip to India to do a yoga teacher training course.  That experience planted a seed.  But it wasn’t until stepping through the Yoke studio doors thirteen years later, my passion was reignited and I commenced my career as a yoga teacher.

Yoke has been my second home since arriving in Australia and I feel blessed to join the community on both sides of the mat.

Yoga to me is a practice of self love without judgement or comparison to others.  I love how individual we all are, how we all need to respect our bodies and ensure we have a safe practice that supports us throughout our life. We all have different journeys and … it’s a long haul not a quick trip :)

 Challenge yourself … modify if you need to but make sure you look after yourself… and no matter what, don’t loose connection with your breath!



What turns you on about yoga?

South Melb Cafe:
Caffe Panette – Great vantage point to people watch whilst sipping a coffee J

Movie and/or Book:
I am fanatical Friends watcher

Ice-Cream Flavor: 
Got to be cookies and cream!

Got my eyes set on a miniature dachshund, they are sooooo cute

Walks on the beach, snoozing on the beach, sunbathing on the beach … anything to do with the beach!

Hidden Talent:
I can wiggle my ears :)