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Jackie Molloy

Jackie first came to yoga for her own self-care, quickly experiencing the nourishing and sweet benefits of the practice. Before to long, her love of yoga, in coming into her body and onto her mat, became a passion she wanted to share with others. 

Jackie completed a 200 hour Exquisite Metamorphosis Yoga Teacher Training with renowned yoga teachers Meghan Currie and Nico Luce in Bali in 2015.  

Jackie is grateful for the opportunity to teach, share and practice yoga with others. In early 2016 she began teaching yoga to women from refugee backgrounds, where she experienced joy in teaching and witnessed the communal and therapeutic benefits of yoga. She is eternally grateful for the beautiful global yogi community who share love, light and moments in time. 

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about yoga? 
Yoga calms and settles me in this busy hectic world, reminding me to slow down and be. Yoga ‘guides’ me to move and connect to and with my breath, my body, Mother Earth and with others. It uncovers and reminds me of what is sweet, and aids me with what is challenging.

Torquay Café: 
Surfcoast wholefoods

Movie and/or book: 
Slumdog Millionaire & Good Will Hunting

Ice-cream flavour: 
Vegan coconut ice-cream – Choc mint

Elephants - strong, compassionate, loyal, and communal

Travelling, people watching and studying midwifery

Hidden talent: 
It’s bizarre so I’ll keep that one hidden.