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Fran Wilson

Yoga for Fran has drastically changed her life, it has asks her to live from a place of truth and has allowed her to explore honest connection not only with herself but also her community. Fran believes that every day is a possibility for growth and as a teacher her focus is to encourage this in her students, weather that be through an emotional shift or a physical accomplishment. Her classes are challenging yet relatable, compassionate and joyful.

Since starting teaching in 2010 her yoga journey has allowed her to train under an array of wonderful teaches all with different styles and knowledge. In the last 2 years Fran has become a mother which has been one of her greatest challenges, whilst being the best thing she has ever done.  She is so thankful for yoga and hopes to spread that love to as many people as possible.

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about yoga?
What doesn’t turn me on about yoga? i love so much about yoga but mostlyI love the possibility of connection  

South Melb Café:

Movie and/or Book:
The magic far away tree

Ice-Cream Flavour:
Hokey pokey


Cooking, playing in saltwater, sewing

Hidden Talent:
Baking wedding cakes