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Emma Maidment

Emma Maidment is an international yoga and meditation teacher, writer and speaker. Emma is committed to sharing ways to live an authentic and connected life.

As a passionate community creator, intuitive facilitator and transformative speaker, Emma helps you to connect back to yourself so that you are able to live an empowered, aligned life.


What turns you on about yoga?: The practice of yoga doesn’t allow you to hide from yourself. In the words of the great Bhagavad-Gita, “Yoga is a journey to the self through the self”. The complexity lies in the fact that we have always had this deeper connection inwards and have always known the answers, we have just forgotten. The practice is the process of remembering and subsequently forgetting and remembering again. And once you know something, you can't ‘unknow it’.

Favourite Cafe: Winyard in South Melbourne 

Movie and/or Book: The power of now - Eckhart Tolle. I always come back to that one! Favourite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. 

Ice-Cream Flavour: Chocolate or if I'm feeling wild, chocolate chip! 

Animal: Dolphin 

Hobbies: Cooking, exploring nature, anything at the beach and acro-yoga! 

Hidden Talent: Can shake it like Beyonce on the dancefloor. ;)