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Chris Christou

Chris has competed in many sports such as football, basketball, Jiujitsu & athletics. With an interest in the human body he went on to study anatomy, nutrition & physical education.
A moment came when times were challenging & suffering appeared. Yoga found its way into Chris’s life.
He dedicated 1 year purely Yin to undo all the damage occurring from excessive activity which is where came to really realise the true affect of Yoga.
Since then, he has traveled the world doing extensive Yoga, learning & growing. He successfully finished his teacher Training @Vikasa. Chris has a very energising yet steady practice which is reflected in his classes. Through his devoted daily practice, Chris has found more energy, lightness, strength, flexibility, awareness of the body & enjoys increased recovery.  
Anticipate a steady, strong class that will lead you into a calm state preparing the body for meditation.