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Annabel Reiter

With a background in Body Work (from Reiki to Remedial Massage), Bels first official foray into Yoga was through it’s ‘sister science’ Ayurveda. She trained to become an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant, and truly learnt the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the practice. She then went on to complete a 500hr YTT with John Ogilvie at Byron Yoga in 2009. Not long after this; study, bringing two young children into the world and starting a business (an organic food store) got in the way, and her teaching (and personal practice) dropped off. A 200hr YTT with Power Living Australia in 2015 re-ignited her passion for Yoga, and love for sharing it and its many facets with those around her.

Bels main attraction to Yoga stemmed from its ability to quieten her mind, bring awareness to the present moment through connection to the body and breath, and deepen her spiritual enquiry and growth. She weaves her understanding of the doshas, chakras and anatomy into class and encourages students to tune into their own inner teacher for a soulful journey that can continue way beyond the mat.

A few of my favourite things are:

What turns you on about Yoga?:
The infinite possibilities and limitless connection that can be tapped into when we move our body, unite mind and heart and live from a place of love.

Torquay Café:
Ummm… Surfcoast Wholefoods of course! But if I’m not being biased then I’d say Ginger Monkey or Café Moby (can’t beat a playground for the kids!).

Movie and/or Book:
A bit of a serial book starter-er, and have a few on the go but it’s been a looong time since I’ve actually finished one! Currently reading books by Erich Schiffman and Shiva Rea

Ice-Cream Flavour:
Chocolate anything…(in the fancy pants coconut ice-cream style that is)

All of them

Playing in the ocean and in the dirt.

Hidden Talent: 
Eating Food. Lots of It.