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Andie began her yoga journey in 2009 in San Francisco (where she is from!). It was a slow burn, becoming part of her everyday more and more as she got older, especially after attending her first Vinyasa class. That fluid, dynamic, and dance-like movement is how she likes to practice and also how she likes to teach! Andie completed her 200hr YTT with Yoke Yoga in October 2018.

Coming from a photoshoot production and content creation background, she also runs her own website called Vinny, which is all about helping yogis and non-yogis alike find and deepen the yoga practice. She completely believe that there is a yoga practice for everyone, it’s just about discovering the kind of yoga that resonates with you!


What turns you on about yoga?: I always feel clear and refreshed after practicing. But I more so love that yoga is 100% personal to the individual and the freedom that offers. There’s this autonomy that’s encouraged with yoga to be your own guide by using your own intuition, no one else’s.

Favourite Cafe: Terror Twilight or CIBI (both in Collingwood, I’m not as familiar with Southside! Sorry!!)

Movie and/or Book: Dedication - which is a quirky, somewhat dark indie movie with the unexpected pairing of Mandy Moore and Billy Crudup.

Ice-Cream Flavour: Cookies and Cream. But if I’m at Messina, I’ll always get the Tiramisu and not even bother trying any of the other flavours!

Animal: Wolf.

Hobbies: I love exploring Melbourne through parks and food, it reminds me of home. I also like going for day trips somewhere in nature.

Hidden Talent: I may have gotten my Esthetician license in a past life, so I have a few skincare and makeup skills I can bust out as needed.